What Would You Like To Read?

I just put together an anonymous survey to help guide the content I’ll be posting in my new blog on YaelWrites.com. Please do fill it out to let me know what you want me to write about–and I’ll get to it!

The survey has just two short questions. First, you’ll check off one or more topics that you’d be interested in reading about. Next, you can write any other comments you might have.

Thank you in advance for your participation. I really appreciate it.

The survey link is here:


We’ve Moved

After many years of maintaining a blog right here at DirtTime.org, I’ve decided to move my site to YaelWrites.com.

Although this new site primarily serves as a dynamic writing portfolio, I also plan on updating the blog with weekly posts on everything from books to food to philosophy and politics to, of course, plant medicine and wilderness survival.

In fact, if you head over to YaelWrites.com right now, you can see live video footage of the monkeys I saw on a hike in Costa Rica!

(If you are subscribing through an RSS feed, please head to YaelWrites.com to subscribe.)

Thank you for your continued support–in the comments section, on facebook and twitter, through e-mail, phone calls and letters, or simply by reading. It is very much appreciated.

And here’s to the next chapter!

Bugs Be Gone

Bugs! Mosquitoes, ticks, flies and other pests can ruin outings and even transmit such diseases as West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. Most commercial bug sprays are toxic and, worse yet, ineffective. What’s a nature lover to do?

Luckily, there are natural options, including foods, vitamins, essential oils and more. Learn to banish bugs the natural way by signing up for Bugs Be Gone.

You’ll get:

* an audio recording with information to help you keep away pesky critters–while sparing your health and the environment

* a PDF file of the material covered–which you can refer to in the weeks and months to come

* your very own non-toxic bug spray, made according to your specifications

All this for just $25.00. Supplies are limited, so this will only be available for the first ten people. Sign up today to make sure you’re one of them! The audio file and PDF will be sent to you on July 1st, and I’ll handcraft your bug spray, according to your preferences, and mail it out within two business days.

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Milk Moon

In following the Full Moon Feast moon cycles, the next moon upon us is Milk Moon. Since I’ve already written about raw milk, and there’s some great resources found on the internet, I’ll post the links. And although the legalization of raw milk in Wisconsin is (hopefully) pending, it is ironic that I have to buy my milk on the black market through a dealer. Ain’t this the dairy state? The book contains recipes for homemade yogurt, yogurt cheese peras, and kefir… but I have yet to try these recipes out. The warm frothed milk with saffron and cardamom is tasty, though, and I’ve made clabbered cottage cheese already. I tested the recipe for creamy salad dressing, but had to substitute cream for creme fraiche (who knows where I’d find such a thing.)

Anyway, here’s some milk resources:

A little bit about dairy in a Paleo diet, by the amazing Jen Higgins.

The Campaign for Real Milk, by the Weston A. Price Foundation

Some Like It Raw–an article I wrote about raw milk a couple years ago